About us

a leader in liquid storage tank trailers

For over 30 years, Global Tank has been a leader in liquid storage tank trailer rental, sales, transport, storage, and service throughout the United States. As a family-owned business, we rank among the largest privately owned liquid tank rental companies in the country. Based in Pasadena, Texas, we operate from various locations across the U.S. Our services cater to diverse sectors, such as chemical, manufacturing, oil, construction, municipal, environmental, and other industrial areas.

Global Tank owns a huge fleet of liquid tank trailers strategically located throughout the nation, so we can quickly meet your company’s needs. We provide flexible rental options tailored to your company’s preferences, with equipment available for daily, weekly, monthly, or even multi-year periods.

At Global Tank, we value long-lasting relationships based on loyalty, honesty, and top-quality customer service. Our maintenance program is all about adhering to rigorous maintenance protocols to ensure the utmost safety of our equipment, which reinforces our reputation as a trustworthy company.

Commitment to Services

At Global Tank, our services are powered by a strong reputation. As an independent sales and leasing company, we’ve invested a significant amount of emotion, time, and money into building our business. Our commitment to service quality is unwavering and comes from a place of genuine care for our customers and our equipment.

to Safety

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our tanks, we conduct regular Department of Transportation (DOT) and compliance testing. This helps us to uphold the highest industry standards, maintain our stellar safety record, and provide peace of mind to our customers.

Foundation of

The Global Tank family offers our customers a depth of knowledge and information on maintaining equipment that exceeds others in the industry. Our team has spent countless hours learning about and understanding the intricacies of liquid tank storage and transportation. This expertise is the cornerstone of our tank maintenance and support services, ensuring our fleet is always in top-notch condition and ready to serve our customers’ needs.


At Global Tank, we understand that not all liquid storage needs are the same. That’s why we offer the option to customize tank trailers according to our customer’s unique requirements. Whether it’s a specific size, capacity, or a unique set of features, we strive to provide tank storage solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Focus on

Above all, our focus is on the quality of service. From the moment you connect with us, to the delivery and use of our tanks, we aim to provide a seamless and satisfactory experience. Our customer service team is always ready to help answer any questions and resolve any issues promptly. We believe that it’s this unwavering commitment to service quality that sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back to us.
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