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At Global Tank, we’re not just in the rental game; we’re a complete tank solution provider. Owning our own service facilities means our tank trailers are maintained to the highest standards, and always ready for action. No waiting around or jostling for repair slots – our equipment’s prime condition is our priority. This translates into unmatched availability and trustworthiness. Plus, with regular DOT and compliance tests, we ensure every tank’s safety and performance are top-notch. Choose Global Tank – where quality meets reliability.


When you lease or buy bulk and liquid tanks from Global Tank, our tank service facilities are on standby to keep them in tip-top shape with in-house maintenance and repair.
HM183 Testing | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs minimize downtime and maximize efficiency, ensuring longevity, optimal performance, and fewer break-downs of your tank trailer.
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FHWA Inspections | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Pit Repair

We’ll address and repair metal pitting issues to restore structural integrity, meet industry standards and safety requirements, and keep them looking good.
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R Certified Welders | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

R-Certified Welders

Our R-Stamp National Board Certified welders will handle any aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel welding that needs performed.
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Preventative Maintenance Programs | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

ABS System Repair

Our specialized techs maintain and restore the Anti-lock Braking System in your tanks to prevent wheel lockup, while enhancing overall road safety and vehicle control.
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R Certified Welders | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Part Replacement & Upgrades

Stay ahead of the curve with part replacements and upgrades, tailored to enhance the functionality and performance of your bulk and liquid tank equipment.
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Parts Replacement and Upgrades | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Overfill System Installation & Repairs

Our expert crew will safeguard against overfill incidents, ensuring compliance and preventing costly accidents.
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Overfill Repairs | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Pump & Blower Installation & Repairs

We specialize in the professional installation and repair of pumps and blowers, optimizing the efficiency of your liquid transport systems.
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Hydraulic Repairs | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Hydraulic & Wet Kits Installation & Repairs

Our expertise lies in installing and repairing hydraulic and wet kits, tailored to your specific operational requirements.
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Pump and Blower Repairs | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Suspension Service and Repairs

Our dedicated team addresses suspension issues promptly and effectively, so you can experience a smooth, safe ride.
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Custom Tank Fabrication | Global Tank Sales & Leasing

Custom Tank Fabrication

We design and build tanks tailored to your specific requirements, providing customized solutions for bulk and liquid transport in any industry.
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DOT & Compliance Testing: Keeping Your Trailer Roadworthy

The Department of Transportation conducts DOT trailer inspections, which are safety checks performed on commercial vehicles AND their trailers with regulations specific to the various types of trailers. These inspections verify compliance with safety regulations, confirm the trailers’ roadworthiness, and include a thorough assessment of all trailer components.

As a complete tank solution provider, Global Tank takes care of the DOT and Compliance Testing on ALL OUR TANKS, including the ISO Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Crude Oil, Dry Bulk, FRP, Fertilizer Tanks, both Insulated and Non-insulated Trailers, as well as Petroleum, Sanitary, Silo, and Vacuum Tanks.

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We Perform FHWA Inspections

Every twelve months, the Federal Highway Administration requires all commercial motor vehicles with a GVW of 10,000 lbs. or more to have a Safety Inspection – essentially a yearly check-up. Global Tank will inspected details such brakes, credentials, cargo, lights, tires, and vehicle parts such as steering, and suspension to ensure all our Trailers pass FHWA requirements

We Perform HM-183 Inspections

  • External visual inspection (V Test)
  • Internal visual inspection (I Test)
  • Lining Inspection (L Test)
  • Leakage Test (K Test)
    • Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Delivery Hose/Piping & K-EPA27
  • Pressure Retest (P Test)
    • Hydrostatic & Pneumatic
  • Thickness Test (T Test)
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